Conquer the world in this clone of Risk


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Have you ever played Risk? That game where your goal is to conquer the world by defeating your opponents with your army.

Conquest is a Clone of Risk, you start the game with your army placed in different places in the map and your goal is to conquer the whole map. It's not an easy job and you'll have to do your best, place your soldiers in the correct places and attack only when you are sre you will win or risk a bit to see what happens.

Taste the flavor of the victory or see how your army disappears. You can be the next Napoleon Bonaparte in this game.

Although the graphics are not the best you have seen, it is very easy to play and the gameplay is fast. We should stand out that the AI of the opponents can be adjusted, so you'll enjoy the game since the first day.

If you like strategy games, play on your computer the most famous strategy board game.

This version is free, but there exists a premium version which offers two hundred maps and online multiplayer game.

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